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IBTISEM is a passionate multi-award-winning filmmaker and a firm believer in the power of storytelling. She garners inspiration from everyday life to personal experiences. A polyglot of mixed descent, she’s culturally diverse in her understanding and appreciation towards the world around her and has vast experience of shooting in Asia & Africa.

She began her journey into the entertainment industry from an early age through commercials, catwalks, television series, films and gradually began exploring behind the camera through photography & short films. From dance to songwriting to filmmaking, her exploration of all that is creative remains endless. 


In 2020, her documentary "Ali" won the Grand Prize for the HBO Asia INVISIBLE STORIES competition in Singapore. She is recognised internationally as a celebrated and rising figure in the filmmaking industry.


Her versatility stretches into the corporate world as she has held positions and has shared her creative knowledge with innovative companies such as AirAsia & VIU.


People have always been the drive to her stories, ensuring that no voice is left unheard. Her films, documentaries and photojournalistic works have garnered attention from prominent film festivals to MTV as well as galleries worldwide.


Her aim in life is to produce and conceptualise artistic endeavours of any form through collaboration. She seeks to continuously inspire and create conversations that will encourage positive growth amongst the youth and society itself.


She recently directed all 10 episodes of the hit TV series The House Season 6 for Astro Ria & Astro Gempak and an EMGS TV commercial for the Middle East market.

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